Through Circulation Dryer

Through Circulation Dryer

Brief introduction of products

  • The Through Circulation Dryer belongs to the industrial dry equipment. It is used ultra and high-efficient hot and dry air current, the article can be dried even one and effective; The equipment accords with CGMP standard and meet the requirements of FDA.

  • The products put on the tray which totally under static state by dried, so the particle size, porous and volume that will not produce mechanical movement and change the products. The time in the drying cabinet of products was controlled strictly, so can obtain the high-quality high purity products.

Suitable industry

Suitable for the Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, healthy food, chemical industry, the dehumidification, solidification of the supplies finished products of such trades as the electron, etc...

The domain of application.

  • Apply mainly to be dried which are not hot sensitive chemicals and natural products, so that can be storage and storing of these products. For example dryness of the powder, thin particle, rectangular particle, pellet, particle.

  • This equipment can be used in dry a large number of different high-quality chemicals, chemical pharmacy products, cosmetics, food and processing field used in agricultural products. For example : The abstraction of the medical plant, food additive, spices and seasoning, etc. ; It is dry to require the products of the low water content; Products of the apt to lump, thick, high water content of the dryness.

Characteristic of the products

  • Put the special designed plate on a movement car, the car is divided into a lot of stories and fits dry room completely.

  • The hot air pierces through the dry thing even, take away moisture rapidly, dry with high efficiency, dry time is short.

  • The hot air pierces through the dry thing, hot air distributed evenly, it is not necessary to turn around during dry process.

  • Use special-purpose cars, facilitate the material and supplies to pass in and out, and easy to clean.

  • The wind entering system adopts the cold and hot wind to mix together which controlled by PID, the temperature is responded rapidly and accurately.

  • Rigorous safe protection system.

  • Control system can adopt PLC with man-machine interface control, can in accordance with raw materials characteristic or special process requirements, it can input many different group of process parameter; After the conditions are all set up, it will can do full-automatic all procedural control.

  • The man-machine interface can be set up by multiple grade of password, to avoid failure by artificially

  • The de-humidify device of the wind entering system is optional.