LF-0601CD Monoblock tablet & capsule counting line

Maximum Production Speed:60 BPM (depending on the size of the product being inspected)

Model LF-0601CD
Max.speed 60BPM
Filling volume 1-200 pieces
Application scope Pill, tablet, soft and hard capsules, etc.
Product size Φ3-Φ20mm Pill, tablet, soft and hard capsules, etc.
Bottle dia. φ25~φ70 mm
Cap outer diameter φ20~φ70 mm
Power supply AC380V 50/60Hz
Compressed air & Air consumption 0.4 –0.7MPa、310L/min
Power consumption 3.8Kw
Machine dimension/ L*W*H 3300 (L)×2600(W)×2500(H)
Machine weight 1500kg (Including the elevator)


The bottle enters the turntable infeeding station by conveyor, and the turntable takes the bottle to the desiccant station.

Desiccant inserter will cut the desiccant then fill into the bottle. Afterall, the turntable brings the bottle into desiccant detection station to check it ok or not, not OK ones will be rejected. The OK ones will flow to couting and filling station. After counting and filling, the bottles will flow to another detection station to check, not OK ones will be rejeted while the OK ones head to capping stage. The cap sorting unit will send the correct cap into capping station to finish capping. Those capping not good will be rejected, capping good ones will be good product.


  1. Turntable drives precisely without clearance.
  2. Combo machine is more economical.
  3. Combo mechanical control is simpler.
  4. Counting accurately.
  5. The cover hanging system is linked to the turntable and screw cap.
  6. No aluminum foil or screw cap automatic removal function.
  7. The function of dynamic graphic display on the touch screen is simple to operate and the interface is good.
  8. Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time audible and visual alarm and display system.
  9. The torque of cap can be adjusted in a certain range.