Vacuum Mix Granulator

Vacuum Mix Granulator

Brief introduction of products

This model is multi-functional mix granulating of equipment, suitable for production the kind of hormone and antibiotic, etc. mainly while being high-efficient, it is an organic whole to combine the vacuum system, dry system, mix system, granulate system, enter the material from the vacuum inlet, mix, granulation, dryness, airtight type of the production system is full-automatically, reduce the direct of contact, stop the pollution in the production process; The equipment accords with CGMP standard and meet the requirements of FDA.

Suitable industry

Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology.

The domain of application.

This model is suitable for mixing and making one of the hormone, antibiotic, industrial chemicals powder.

Characteristic of the products

  • Can mix with powder and powder, mix and the degree of consistency is high.

  • Can add and bind making one of pharmaceutical with the powder, it is even to make a grain size, mobility is high.

  • The special designed air axle seals, compresses the air through an accurate filter, form and is isolated the air seal room, produce pollution in order to prevent the powder from falling into main shaft and pivot which cuts one hundred sheets.

  • Multi-Lock devices heavily each other safely much, operate more safer.

  • The temperature control of PID, accurate and steady.

  • Control system can adopt PLC collocate man-machine interface control, can in accordance with raw materials characteristic or special to make demand , can input many different group of parameter; After the condition is set up, can do full-automatic whole control.

  • The man-machine interface can be set up the grade of multiple password, dispel the neglect of artificially.

  • The vacuum enters the material, mix, granulate, dry, material discharge always follow the airtight type as beltline of the produce by full-automatically, with high efficiency, losses are few, reduce the pollution that is produced because of moving.

  • Use the in-direct heating way of intermediate layer.

  • Use the vacuum low temperature to be dry.

  • Using with continuous variable speed change and adjust the speed of mixing.

  • Use the granulator equipment.

  • If use the organic solvent, can select the explosion-proof type for use.

  • The automatically clean system is optional.