Twin Shafts Granulator

Twin Shafts Granulator

Brief introduction of products

The equipment accords with CGMP standard and meet the requirements of FDA.

Suitable industry

Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, healthy food, chemical industry.

The domain of application.

This model is suitable for mixing and making one of the hormone, antibiotic, industrial chemicals powder.

Characteristic of the products

  • The twin-shaft airtight trimming talons can press the irregular granules through the meshes to form the uniform granules as required. Suitable for processing the dry granules in different sizes that have been processed with granulation or pulverization to trim them as the granules in uniform size. Applicable to high-precision pulverization, wet granulation, dry granule-trimming, it is multifunctional twin-shaft equipment for granulation.

  • Introduced a package main shaft with high-precision design, low temperature rise that can ensure the quality and characteristics of raw materials. Sealing design of rotating shaft can remove the contaminating spot and ensure the product quality. Simple structure, meshes are designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. Can be accommodated to the application of pulverization & granule-trimming during the material vacuum-suction.