Ampoule Steam Sterilizer For Injections, Oral Liquids, AZMD Series

Ampoule Steam Sterilizer For Injections, Oral Liquids, AZMD Series


AZMD Series Ampoule Steam Sterilizers are used for liquid injections sterilization in pharmaceutical production.


Model — AZMD-0,6/0,8/1,0/1,2/1,5/2,0/2,5/3,0/4,0/5,0/6,0.

Loading Capacity — 600, 1200, 2500, 3000, 4000,5000,6000 литров.

Application — Liquid Injections, Glass Ampoules, PP Ampoules.

Pass-through Double Doors.

Custom autoclave sterilization for ampoule, liquid injectioans, eye drops, oral liquids, and etc.


  • Main components of the sterilizer: sterilization chamber, sealing door, pipeline system, control system, loading&transfer system.
  • Housing, support frame, chamber made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel material.
  • Autoclave vessel is made of AISI316L.
  • Design pressure up to 0.3MPa/3bar.
  • Safety valves for chamber, with over-pressure protection.
  • Door interlock security system.
  • Door lock with durable, heat and pressure-resistant seal/gasket.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Access code to prevent uncontrolled software changes.
  • Three-level authority management.
  • Up to 100 sterilization cycles.
  • Portable PT-100 temperature sensor (class A).
  • Display of sterilization temperature, time, F0 value in real time.
  • Validation port to test thermal distribution.
  • Network and USB ports for data transfer.
  • Equipped with cycles.
  • Emergency stop button to stop autoclave cycles.
  • Alarm information in form of code and full message.

Model Series

Model Chamber Size, mm Chamber Volume, l
AZMD-0,6 610*910*1200 600
AZMD-0,8 610*910*1500 800
AZMD-1,0 610*910*1800 1000
AZMD-1,2 680*1180*1500 1200
AZMD-1,5 680*1180*1900 1500
AZMD-2,0 1000*1200*1700 2000
AZMD-2,5 1000*1200*2100 2500
AZMD-3,0 1000*1200*2500 3000
AZMD-4,0 1000*1200*3340 4000
AZMD-5,0 1000*1200*4200 5000
AZMD-6,0 1000*1200*5000 6000